King Arthur’s Gold

KAG cover

Recently released on Steam, King Arthur’s Gold is a game full or multiplayer building, destroying and mayhem. With it’s retro medieval look in mind, the music for this game was composed in an old-school 8-bit style. Rather than composing multiple independent tracks for this game, a single 9 minute piece was composed whose sections could be looped or recombined in any order. The full sequential version of the score is available for purchase on Bandcamp, and make sure to go pick up the game on Steam! It’s a lot of fun.


EchoesThe latest short film by my good friend Van Alan Blumreich is now available on Vimeo. An eerie psychological thriller, “Echoes” was great fun to score. Less melodically driven than some of my previous projects, this score focused more on creating a sound world of ominous suspense. Check it out!

Penny Arcade Soundtrack

a1748055931_2I am pleased to announce that the soundtrack from Penny Arcade: The Series, Season 2 is now available for purchase on Bandcamp. Thanks to all the fans that have been so eager for this release. Your enthusiasm has been very encouraging!


This is a silent short film by Joshua Flanagan I composed the music for recently. A live string quartet was utilized for this score. Thanks to James Anderson, Rose Sciaroni, Julia Immel, and Julia Cory for their contribution as performers on this project.